About eHalal Mobile

eHalal Mobile is the B2C division and operation of parent company eHalal.io.

The global Halal Industry is managed by eHalal.io through its Halal Enterprise Resources Planning & Supply Chain Management System.

The eHalal System operates on the Etherum Network and has tokens, symbol HAL, which allow users the option to utilize tokens for payment of flights, hotels, tour packages and more.

eHalal Mobile Wallet

The eHalal Mobile Wallet is based on METAMASK.

The Wallet supports major FIAT currencies such as USD, SGD, AUD, JPY, CNY, IRP and CAD.

eHalal Tokens are also integrated in the official Trust Wallet which is now the official cryptocurrency wallet of Binance.

Halal Restaurants

the Find Services feature of eHalal Mobile provides users access to information about nearby or desired Halal restaurants, Masjids and prayer rooms.

Holy Quran

The app also provides universal access to The Holy Quran. eHalal Mobile is truly mobile, providing users the flexibility to access their favorite passages while ‘on the go’ in 36 languages.

Download Our eHalal App

Our eHalal mobile app for Android is available now.
Both the IOS and Windows versions are under development and available soon.

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